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Trembling Aspen

Aspen is a unique Python web framework developed by Chad Whitacre. I am still evaluating it, but one thing I can say unequivocally is that it’s different. Very different. Aspen divorces itself from the MVC pattern that every major — and almost every minor — web framework has been relying on for the past decade.… Read More »

Web Applications in Python 3

Everyone knows that there aren’t any decent web stacks in Python 3, right? Nobody seems interested in porting Django or Turbogears or Pylons or Plone or Zope to the new, improved much more fun to write language. Almost true. There are a few less popular frameworks for Python 3, including my own half-finished psyclone: http://archlinux.me/dusty/2010/01/17/python-3-web-framework/… Read More »