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This blog is not ad supported

I’m sick of the whining about internet ad blocking and the claims that it is or should be illegal. This blog is not ad supported. It does track you, for which I hope you will forgive me, using WordPress Stats. If that bothers you — and it should — please install the ghostery extension. But… Read More »

Telus Customer Service

In this day of two way communication, most companies know that if they provide poor service, the whole world is going to know about it. Here’s a letter I recently sent to Telus, a pathetic excuse for a Canadian telecom: TELUS Client Care PO Box 7575 Vancouver, BC V6B 8N9 Re: Terrible Service and Over… Read More »

Password validation hints

Just because something can be validated does not mean it should be validated. It’s very easy to validate form fields in django and most other web frameworks. That does not mean we should always take advantage of this feature. Why did I just get this error when creating a user account on a website?: Error.… Read More »

CSS Popups are annoying

I was just Googling for some information and found a relevant search result from a forum somewhere. While reading through the forum responses, the page faded to dark and a CSS popup window came up telling me that the site I was visitng was an online community of something or others. No shit? I’m reading… Read More »

Why I’m quitting GMail

Lots of people have expressed fear at the power Google has over our information. I don’t intend to expound on that. Suffice it to say that they know more about me than I do. It’s never bothered me. I have always trusted Google to take care of this information. They’ve always been on the same… Read More »

Hello blog

So apparently this is my first post. Actually, I’m editing the auto-generated first post. I’ve been meaning to set up a blog on my domain (archlinux.ca) for a while, but never got around to it, likely due to the fact that it seems pretty unimportant. Also, I am in strong agreement with a 2002 article… Read More »