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Intellectually Dispossessed

Ursula K. Le Guin is, or had been, one of my favourite authors. In 1974, she published an excellent thought experiment, set in a science fiction setting, titled, “The Dispossessed.” The book discusses a group of people who built a culture and society around the idea of non-possession; nothing belonged to anyone. People lived in… Read More »

Another Published Book

After much success with the Arch Linux Handbook, I have helped successfully self-publish another book. This one is a work of fiction, written by my dad, and I’m proud to announce it to anyone interested in the Western genre. In fact, I’m proud to present it to anyone interested in books at all; it’s a… Read More »

Arch Linux Handbook

There have been a few calls for print versions of the Arch Linux Beginner’s guide. If all goes well, there should be one available in October. I’m exploring various self-publishing options, and have been working with Amazon CreateSpace to publish a couple of my father’s novels. Its easy to work with, so I converted the… Read More »

Distributors Don’t Die

Abstract The Internet makes it easy for artist and audience to connect directly, but it does not eliminate a market for distribution companies, as distribution costs are nonzero. However, these costs do not justify a royalty from every sale. I have implied, or even explied* that distributors (record labels, publishers, movie producers) are not necessary… Read More »