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My Android phone no longer has a Google account

This week, I was finally able to fulfil a longstanding goal: to delete my Google account from my Android phone. This is a step in a series of progressions towards “completely” disappearing from Google’s radar. I have been comfortable with the state of my laptop, which avoids all Google spyware using ghostery to block Google… Read More »

Internet Privacy for Dummies

I know my recent blog entries have tended towards rants on Internet privacy. It blows my mind that more people aren’t worried about it. I’m not one to repost links on my blog, my readers know I prefer to have new content as much as possible. But this link is a wonderful summary of why… Read More »

“You should be on Facebook”

As I’m preparing to leave Switzerland, a lot of my friends have tried to pressure me to join Facebook so they can keep in touch. This isn’t going to happen due to privacy concerns I’ve mentioned many times before. I’d additionally like to counter a couple arguments people keep making in Facebook’s favour. The most… Read More »

Killing the Google habit

We live in an age where information is power. It is so valuable that companies like Google and Facebook are willing to give us amazing services for free in exchange for the information we give them, both about ourselves and others. The cost of these “free” services is the information we choose to provide. Most… Read More »

A week without Google cookies

After my last post I decided to do a little experiment to determine how dependent I am on Google’s services and their knowledge of me. Rather than cut Google out altogether, I decided to disable all cookies and scripts from the Google domains and see what happened. The most immediate effect was that I couldn’t… Read More »