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When you use a Django query keyword as a field name

I need to model a location in the Alberta Township System coordinate space. The model is extremely simple:

There’s a rather subtle problem with this model, that came up months after I originally defined it. When querying the foreign key model by a join on location, having a field named range causes Django to… Read More »

Django and jquery.tmpl

Lately, I’ve been finding Django increasingly inappropriate for the web applications I develop. I have several complaints: the forms library doesn’t extend well to ajax requests, any extensive customization to the admin requires obtuse inspection of the admin source code, many admin customizations simply aren’t possible, the “reusable apps” philosophy has added a layer of… Read More »

Updating m2m after saving a model in Django admin

I wanted to ensure that a many-to-many field on my model contained a value that was on a foreign key field on the model whenever that model was saved in the admin, like so:

I thought this was a trivial task. I added this code to a post_save signal connected the model, but the… Read More »

Django Dash 2010 winners

I was shocked, yesterday, to discover that my team had won the 2010 Django Dash for our buildout management project, Great Big Crane. Competition was extremely fierce, and there are a fair number of projects that I felt would be contenders for first place. My personal goal was to move upward from the fifth place… Read More »