Five Career Highlights

If you were looking to hire me, these would get your attention first, in no particular order.

  • Employed by Facebook
  • Have written Popular books on Python
  • Wrote a Django application for a UN organization
  • Won a Django Dash
  • MSc CS emphasizing HCI

The Details

I’ve been coding for well over half my life. I don’t remember everything I’ve done and most of these links are probably broken by now. The older ones are likely of little interest to most people, but I like to keep them around to remind me what I’ve done. They are in roughly descending chronological order.

  • I store all my open source projects on GitHub or BitBucket Feel free to peruse.
  • I am formerly a production engineer and now a software engineer at Facebook. Few people can pass both sets of interviews.
  • I rewrite a mood tracking tool I call Quirk every time I want to learn a new technology. Latest version is in React and Redux on Python Asyncio.
  • I wrote the popular book Python 3 Object Oriented Programming and the Second Edition.
  • I wrote Creating Apps In Kivy for O’Reilly. My animal is a Kiang, “the largest of the wild asses”. Suitable.
  • I used to dislike Mercurial, so I wrote GitifyHG.
  • I maintained the data flow pipeline for Brandindex tool at YouGov, working remotely.
  • I authored the Django-powered trademarks NICE classification system for the World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • I wrote a virtual programming lab, online IDE and tutor communication system for Athabasca University, subsequently published in http://www.igi-global.com/book/cloud-computing-teaching-learning/60766.
  • I wrote a usability-driven time, expense, and event tracking tool for Evergreen Environmental, an oilfield environmental impact company.
  • I wrote a test management and scheduling system for Spirent Communications.
  • Prickle is an open source time tracking tool.
  • Opterator is a concise argument parsing tool for scripts. Of all my open source projects, it’s my favourite.
  • My team won first place in the 2010 Django Dash competition for the buildout management project Great Big Crane.
  • I wrote the Stockbee social network and CMS.
  • I contributed to the Oprius TurboGears powered CRM web application.
  • I was commissioned for the django based Long Long Ago children’s lending site.
  • I wrote a Jython Stock processing app using the Java-based Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation API.
  • I wrote the EC2 based document processing backend for Zkimmer.
  • WhoHasMy.net placed fifth in the 2009 django dash competition.
  • Factor X commissioned an xRM for managing tasks, customers, projects, sales, decisions, and more.
  • Choncho is my first offline-enabled webapp, a simple notes processor designed to function on the android platform.
  • C. C. Phillips website.
  • I wrote and maintained the now-defunct Arch Linux Schwag storefront.
  • I was once responsible for the two Arch Linux websites archweb_dev and archweb_pub.
  • I wrote the UIFacade scripts for Metisse.
  • Pallavi is an extensible text editor written in Python, inspired by jEdit.
  • I wrote the original AURBuild, but its been rewritten by other open source developers at least twice since then.
  • I wrote several data structure visualization applets as a summer student for Athabasca University.
  • Ensmer was a Java 3D desktop/virtual world exploration. I think it died with Sun Microsystems and dev.java.net.
  • IncludesParser was a jEdit plugin for compiling files into other files. I used it. My first ever open source app.
  • I got an undergraduate degrees working completely remotely from Athabasca University.
  • Buchuki was a free, closed source virtual pet written in Visual Basic for my high school computer science final project. it was quite popular on cnet and nonags back in the day, but I don’t think there are any copies of it floating around anymore.


I’m open to new opportunities, but it’s going to be hard to get me to shift from the amazing job I currently have. Here are some things you might want to consider offering:

  • I’d love to be able to work remotely from Canada.
  • I have extensive backend experience but would like to move towards user interface development.
  • Some technologies I’m actively interested in working with include:
    • Python 3
    • Asyncio
    • Django
    • ECMAScript 6
    • React
    • Redux
  • I hate to mention it, but I have become used to a luxurious salary.
  • I love to explain things and I’m very good at it.
  • I believe the biggest problem in the world is that people don’t get excited about or don’t have access to education, learning, knowledge, and wisdom.

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