Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 2

This article continues the tutorial we started in Part 1. In the first part, we set up a Kivy project and developed a very basic Kivy application. We also discussed version control to aid in project management. In this part, we’ll be designing an actual user interface for a Jabber client and begin to implement… Read More »

Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 1

This is the first in what I expect to be a series of tutorials on creating user interfaces in Kivy. Kivy is a cross platform user interface framework that allows us to write applications in Python that run on various desktop operating systems, Android, and IOS. I’ve wanted to write a tutorial on Kivy since… Read More »

Arch Linux Community on Gittip

I’d like to invite members of the Arch Linux community to join the new Gittip Community I set up for Arch Linux. Communities are a great idea that helps make Gittip more global and more local at the same time. Gittip is a platform to use generosity to crowdfund kickass content creators, from musicians to… Read More »

Arch Linux Laptop Sticker Price Reduction

I recently ordered a new batch of Arch Linux laptop stickers. However, because they have been selling so well, I ordered three times the number that I usually stock! I was able to get a much better price by ordering a larger bulk quantity and I’m excited to pass the savings onto all the loyal… Read More »

Next Year: addressing the more subtle sexism at Pycon

From a gender equality point of view, I’d call Pycon 2013 a success, though perhaps a better word is “progress”. The gender ratio apparently doubled to 20% this year. If that continues (depending if it’s a constant, linear, or quadratic curve) we could be at parity in as little as two to three years. Another… Read More »

Guido Van Rossum Should Retire (and focus on python)

At the two previous Pycons I’ve attended (2009 and 2012), Guido Van Rossum’s keynotes sounded bored and uninterested, even though the content was meaningful. I was actually wondering if this would be the year that he would step down from BDFL of Python. Thankfully, I was dead wrong. Instead, he presented a highly technical and… Read More »

My Android phone no longer has a Google account

This week, I was finally able to fulfil a longstanding goal: to delete my Google account from my Android phone. This is a step in a series of progressions towards “completely” disappearing from Google’s radar. I have been comfortable with the state of my laptop, which avoids all Google spyware using ghostery to block Google… Read More »

Suicide is not a choice

There is a common misconception that those people who commit suicide have made a rational decision between two options and picked the one that they thought was most suitable for them. I’ve read this many times, often in the context of, “I really miss him, but I respect his choice.” For those of you lucky… Read More »

Excluding tests with py.test 2.3.4 using -k selection

When I use py.test, I often rely on the -k switch to swiftly select the test I want to run. Instead of having to type the full module, class, and test path as is required with unittest and nose, I can just type a few characters that uniquely match the name of the test. For… Read More »

A Treatise On The History Of Distributed Version Control

This is not yet another git vs Mercurial debate. I admit bias towards git, which I use whenever I have a choice. This is most of the time now that gitifyhg is awesome. However, I have been using Mercurial for my day job for about a year. I am more familiar with Mercurial and it’s… Read More »