Arch Linux Schwag site is back up (a comment on privacy)

Hey all, has been down for at least a week. I’m really sorry about that. I’ve been working on transferring to a new web host and they were having trouble getting all the Python dependencies I needed. My old host was based in the United States, and while they provided exceptionally good service for… Read More »

The importance of “One Obvious Way”

In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess. There should be one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it. Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you’re Dutch. — Tim Peters, The Zen of Python >>> import this While Python has numerous advantages over other languages that make… Read More »

Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 9

Welcome to the final part of this series on creating a working Jabber client in Kivy. While there are numerous things we could do with our code to take it to Orkiv version 2, I think it’s currently in a lovely state that we can call “finished” for 1.0. In this article, we’re going to… Read More »

Bad Guy Discrimination

On my flight back from an absolutely amazing Python Canada 2013, I watched “42” (Jackie Robinson’s story) and about half of “Skyfall”. The former warmed my heart because the racial discrimination was so disturbing. You’re probably reading that twice and scratching your head, so let me explain: It’s heartwarming that we have made progress in… Read More »

Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 8

Sorry for the delay in posting this, folks. I’ve been away on vacation and then at Pycon Canada, which was amazing. And another apology, in advance, that this article is going to be bloody short compared to parts 1 through 7. That’s not only because I’m short on time; it also turned out that what… Read More »

Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 7

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty excited at the end of Part 6 when I was able to send a message to myself on another account. It’s taken several weeks to get here, but by the end of this part, we’ll have a [mostly|barely] working jabber client that can send and receive… Read More »

Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 6

Welcome back, or if you’ve just stumbled across this tutorial, welcome to the middle of something! You might want to jump back to the beginning if that’s the case. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you to catch up. We’re learning Kivy by developing a simple chat application together on the XMPP protocol. So far we’re… Read More »

Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 5

In Part 4, we took a break from developing Kivy interfaces and focused on improving the interface we already had. In this part, we’ll get back to interface development by creating a widget to display the buddy list. Here’s the plan: we’ll start with a new widget to render the information we’re getting from the… Read More »

Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 4

You know, when I was doing my planning, I expected Part 3 of this tutorial to get us all the way to rendering a window containing the buddy list. So it’s somewhat amusing that this time, I don’t expect to be at that state at the end of this part. Instead, I want to focus… Read More »

Creating an Application in Kivy: Part 3

This article continues a series on creating a Kivy application. At the end of Part 2, we had a basic form for entering Jabber login details. In this part, we’ll hook up the login button to actually connect to the jabber server and download a Buddy List. Make sure you’ve completed the previous two parts,… Read More »