Python 3 Object-oriented Programming Second Edition

By | August 22, 2015

One of several reasons this blog has been so quiet this year is the time I’ve invested in the second edition of my first book.

I am extremely proud of the end result. The first edition of Python 3 Object Oriented Programming was great and garnered 30 five star reviews on Amazon. This edition is better. So much better. I’ve restructured the content so the topics flow much more evenly into each other. I improved examples, clarified content, and added a new chapter. All in all, this book is a great resource to teach a new generation of programmers the advantages and pitfalls of object-oriented programming.

I’ve matured a lot in the five years since the book was originally published. I’m a better coder, a better writer, and a better person. All of this is reflected in this, my best work to date. In all honesty, if someone else had written this exact book, I would probably be recommending it even more heartily! So if you’re interested in advancing your knowledge of object-oriented programming, or Python 3 in general, take a look at Python 3 Object-oriented programming, second edition. You won’t be disappointed.

With this project done, I am optimistic that you will see more updates to this blog in the future. I love researching and writing, and with no book to invest those activities in, this blog will, once again, become my outlet.

4 thoughts on “Python 3 Object-oriented Programming Second Edition

  1. David Couzelis

    Congratulations! It was your book that I chose after my work with Packt Publishing, and I think it’s easily the best book they published. I hope I get to see the second edition some day. :)

    1. Dusty Phillips Post author

      I’m not too fond of Go’s language design. I do have some notes together for a book on Nim, though.


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