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By | May 21, 2013

I’d like to invite members of the Arch Linux community to join the new Gittip Community I set up for Arch Linux. Communities are a great idea that helps make Gittip more global and more local at the same time.

Gittip is a platform to use generosity to crowdfund kickass content creators, from musicians to artists authors (like me) to developers like these. The communities feature allows us to see what other Archers are doing for their distro.

I want to strongly encourage our developers, Trusted Users, and even the retirees (including me) to join the community so we can start funding you. As Arch Schwag maintainer, I — perhaps more than anyone — know just how generous this community is with both their time and their money. Let’s start sharing our money with those users who are willing to share their time with us.

Arch devs are a pretty humble bunch, for the most part who might not think they deserve funding. So please encourage them to set up gittip profiles so that we can tip them. Over time, I hope some of them will be earning enough from gittip to take some time from their day jobs and help Arch improve at an even faster, bleeding edge pace.

Finally, I’d like to note that Chad Whitacre, founder of gittip has mentioned a plan to support funds, a way to tip entire organizations or communities such that the funds are distributed by the crowd. When this is implemented, I intend to donate Arch Linux Schwag income to this vessel, rather than through the Arch Linux donations page, as I have done for years. The Arch Schwag funds are not actually terribly useful to the project, aside from offsetting server costs and the like. I believe that tipping our developers directly will be much more beneficial to the project. Indeed, I can imagine the Arch Linux team funneling some of the donation money back into the gittip community in the future.

2 thoughts on “Arch Linux Community on Gittip

  1. Finkregh

    ever thought about embracing Service for micro-donations on ‘everything’?

    1. Dusty Phillips Post author

      I do link to my flattr profile in the blog sidebar, and certainly don’t have anything against them. However, I do prefer Gittip for a couple reasons. First, I think the economic model of Gittip is more likely to support a developer or author completely over the long term without too much variability in income level. Second, Gittip is not a company that is making money off it’s users; instead its developers are funded on the platform itself. This gives me a lot of confidence that the developers are doing everything in their power to promote the product and make it viable. Third, I know the gittip lead developer personally, and I have a lot of faith that if anybody can do what he’s set out to do, it’s him.


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