Paranoia and Google Plus

By | July 17, 2011

After two weeks on Plus, I’ve decided:

* They have the best online photo upload and management system I’ve ever used.
* When deciding who to share content with, I usually discover that what I wanted to share wouldn’t be of interest to anybody and keep it to myself.
* Stuff that other people share is not interesting enough to warrant checking the stream.
* Google, (plus 1 buttons, analytics, chrome), Facebook (like buttons), and Twitter (tweet to your followers buttons) all have a disturbingly accurate record of my browsing habits. About 90% of the sites I visit have at least one of these buttons on them, they all execute scripts on the page, most of them set cookies.

It’s making me a bit paranoid, I already use https and noscript and selectively accept cookies, but it’s not enough, I don’t feel safe.

6 thoughts on “Paranoia and Google Plus

  1. MavJS

    Indeed, I also use https and noscript and those scripts on the pages make me feel insecure, therefore I don’t use facebook anymore and Google Plus doesn’t _really_ interest me at all. I rather like the 140 char limit of twitter or (I prefer the latter _but_ most infoSec gurus use twitter, so, twitter is unavoidable though.)

  2. drcouzelis

    I don’t have a strong opinion of Google+ yet. In what ways do you not feel safe?

  3. Allan

    I have not posted a single thing on Google+ yet as I really can not decide what to post on it. Longer things go to my blog, short messages to So I guess there is a market for medium size stuff…

  4. nil

    Block cross-domain requests – either selectively to known trackers, or by default. RequestPolicy does a decent job of this on firefox.

    1. dusty Post author

      Thanks, I had not heard of RequestPolicy, it fills a gap noscript leaves very nicely.

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