Monthly Archives: October 2010

Updating m2m after saving a model in Django admin

I wanted to ensure that a many-to-many field on my model contained a value that was on a foreign key field on the model whenever that model was saved in the admin, like so:

I thought this was a trivial task. I added this code to a post_save signal connected the model, but the… Read More »

Arch Linux Handbook 2.0

Over a year ago, I released the Arch Linux Handbook, a print copy of the Arch Linux Beginners’ Guide. It proved to be far more popular than I expected, with nearly 400 copies in print. Of course, the Beginner’s guide is a community edited document for a rolling release Linux distribution, and after a year,… Read More »

Prickle version 0.2

Yesterday, I sent out my first invoices using Prickle. Having tested it in production (I had a to fix a couple sort order issues), I decided it was time, already, to release the second version (release early and often, catb says). In case you missed the introduction: Prickle is a simple time tracking tool I… Read More »