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By | September 14, 2010

In this day of two way communication, most companies know that if they provide poor service, the whole world is going to know about it. Here’s a letter I recently sent to Telus, a pathetic excuse for a Canadian telecom:

TELUS Client Care
PO Box 7575
Vancouver, BC
V6B 8N9

Re: Terrible Service and Over Billing

Dear Telus:

I just received my first telus bill and was surprised that it included $12.90 in charges accrued from August 26 to September 2. I am writing to have you reverse these charges and explain why.

I did originally request that my service be connected on August 26. However, this did not occur. I was told a technician would be coming that day, so I waited at home all day, but nobody showed up. I called Telus Support and they told me that my Internet was hooked up, but my modem had not been shipped. They said that the modem would arrive within three business days.

On August 30th, the modem arrived. I hooked it up but there was no service. I called Telus Support again, and they spent a lot of time looking into it, ultimately telling me that my service would not be available until the 31st, because three business days had not yet passed. They explicitly told me that my billing period would not begin until August 31st.

On August 31st, I still did not have any service. I called Telus Support again, and they took about an hour to discover that my line had not been properly connected and a technician call would be required. They said he would arrive on September 1st. I spent so much time on hold that I was out of cell phone minutes on my plan four days into the billing period.

On September 1st, the technician, one Simon Mourton, called to explain what was wrong (something had not been connected properly outside my condo) and to help me get my service working. Simon was terrific; indeed, he was the only good service your company has provided.

Thus, I request that $12.90 in charges from August 26 to September 2 be erased from my bill.

In addition, I am billing you for the 8 hours (at my consulting rate of $90/hour plus GST) I was unable to work on Thursday August 26th, because I was waiting for a technician. I am also expensing you for the 93 minutes and 14 seconds (at $0.35 per minute) of cell phone usage that your inept service people kept me on hold, but you will be pleased to note I am not invoicing you for the time spent on hold. The total comes to $801.54. Please find my invoice attached.

Sincerely yours,

Dusty Phillips

5 thoughts on “Telus Customer Service

  1. fukawi2

    Good luck with this! I enjoy writing letters like this occasionally just to “stir the pot”.

    Do let us know what they say :)

  2. crouse

    LOL … please tell me you got your check for $801.54 :)

    Customer service just isn’t what it used to be is it ?

  3. Skyalmian

    “People Power!”

    You just handed them their…on a plate.
    I do hope that invoice was signed in black or blue ink before you sent it… o_O “All invoices, in order to be valid, must be signed by someone able to bind the corporation in contract. We are not lawfully bound to pay anything which is unsigned. Think of all the ‘statements’ you receive which read ‘amount due’, yet have no clout as they are incomplete.” — @


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