Django Dash 2010 winners

By | August 31, 2010

I was shocked, yesterday, to discover that my team had won the 2010 Django Dash for our buildout management project, Great Big Crane. Competition was extremely fierce, and there are a fair number of projects that I felt would be contenders for first place. My personal goal was to move upward from the fifth place we were awarded last year, and I would have been completely satisfied with third.

While Jason and I obviously did a terrific job of keeping our backend code elegant and organized, I think the major difference between our project and the competition was Phil’s amazing styling. His enthusiasm and attention to detail throughout the project turned a neat project into a work of art.

A lot of really interesting projects came out of the Dash. It’s amazing how much fifty teams can accomplish in 48 hours. I hope all the participants had as much fun as I did!

One thought on “Django Dash 2010 winners

  1. Dieter_be

    Congrats. Quite a big gap in score with the other teams. And the app looks pretty.
    Hope you’ll find your prizes useful.



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