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By | July 5, 2010

Canada Post recently raised its shipping rates. Again. I think it’s the third time in a year, and the increase was substantial. I have considered their rates to be unfair for quite some time, and have tended to keep my shipping rates lower than my actual costs (handling fees, such as envelopes, printer ink, and tape are other costs I face). However, I had to raise the rates on most of my products today in order to cover more of the costs. Some of my more recent shipments have cost me more than the amount I was making on the products themselves.

As a government-run corporation, I believe Canada Post should be making more of an effort to keep it’s rates low and facilitate the moving of mail across this rather large country. I find it insulting that it costs so much for me to ship items to my Canadian clients. I understand the costs associated with international shipments, but with the unique size, geography, and climate in this country (it’s a tough place to live), I feel it is very important to have the infrastructure for getting both people (it is costing my $1000 for return flights to ArchCon in Toronto and back. I can fly to Vegas with 5 nights included for half that.) and parcels across the country as cheaply, efficiently, and easily as possible.

That said, most of my schwag customers are not located in Canada, and I am taking even bigger hits on my shipments to those customers. I have investigated some alternatives, such as travelling to the US to mail orders in bulk, but less often, but USPS has also been steadily raising their rates, and the savings to my customers wouldn’t cover the gas to get down there, the hassle at the border, or the added delays.

I anticipate reduced sales from these raised prices, and I apologize to those who feel it is too expensive to order Arch Schwag products. I will continue investigating cheaper forms of logistics, and hopefully I will be able to reduce the rates someday!

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