Django Registration Paypal Backend

By | June 16, 2010

One of my clients needed integration with Paypal for his site. The django-paypal module is great for this sort, but it didn’t quite suit our needs because we wanted to disallow account logins until payment had been collected. We had been using django-registration to support registration, and I decided to stick with it. The development version of django-registration has support for different registration backends. The default version sends an e-mail to verify the user’s e-mail address before they can get in. A simpler backend included with the project allows direct registrations with no verification. We needed a backend that required, not only e-mail address verification, but also confirmation that a paypal payment had been made.

And so, django-registration-paypal was born:

It is, like all my first releases, pretty rough around the edges, and contains at least one glaring security hole. But it’s out in the wild now, and patches, as always, are welcome.

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