Python 3 Object Oriented Programming

By | May 4, 2010

For the past eight months, I’ve been working hard on a project that’s a little out of the ordinary, for me. It’s the reason there’s been such a drastic reduction in number of blog posts here. It’s the reason I haven’t been earning enough money to cover my expenses each month. It’s my biggest accomplishment to date.

I’ve written a book (an entire book!) on object oriented programming, with a focus on syntax and libraries supported in the exciting new Python version 3. It’s designed for beginner to intermediate Python developers who are more familiar with Python as a scripting language than as an object oriented programming language.

As a byproduct, it also introduces Python 3 syntax, and will be a great reference for programmers wanting to upgrade their Python 2 skills. For the most part, Python 3 is a simpler, more elegant language. The learning curve is shallow, but it takes some getting used to.

It also summarizes the state of the most exciting libraries available for Python 3 at this time. If you’ve been wondering when it’s time to start migrating to the new language, it is now!

I’m currently in the rewrite phase on the book (it’s time consuming!) but it’s already available for preorder directly from my publisher:

I’m not great at marketing, so to put it bluntly: I hope you all buy a copy! I’ve put a great deal of effort into this project, and I’m very proud of the result. This book is a great resource and fills a void in the available references. It also fills a void in my available writings, as my blog posts tapered off over the past few months!

7 thoughts on “Python 3 Object Oriented Programming

  1. Mike

    Good job; as soon as I have some spare money I’ll definitely be buying a copy.

  2. Dan McGee

    I’ve glad to helped out a bit with your time-consuming experience. I’m looking forward to seeing the book in print myself!

  3. crouse

    I hope I’m the first to buy this… just paid for my digital copy !! :)
    Will be waitin for it ….. impressive feat, hope it sells boatloads for ya !!!

    I’ll help out a bit in the marketing, I’ll put some linkage up on my Linux sites.

  4. Dan Dunne

    Hi Dusty,

    If you want feedback and ideas on your new book, just email me draft and I’ll definitely read it and promise to give you a detailed review. (Not editing, but ideas).

    Dan Dunne, Ph.D
    Senior Technical Writer
    Over 50 high tech books written
    Telephone: 408 230-9313

  5. Dilip M

    I bought a digital copy a month back. Until now it been a good quality reading. – DM


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