Monthly Archives: May 2010

The way things are vs the way they might be

The stereotypical use of Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and similar services is to share things with everyone. Either everyone in your friends list, or possibly, everyone in the world. The group of people clamoring for better “privacy” are asking to change this to a service in which we share things with exactly those people we… Read More »

The Face of Social Media

Yes, this topic has been done to death in the past couple weeks, but I’m one of the numerous people signed up to quit Facebook at the end of the month, as proposed at I have all the same reasons as other people; privacy and control. My main one is that I don’t like… Read More »

ArchCon 2010 Registration Deadline Is Here

There are only four days left to register for ArchCon 2010 in Toronto, Canada. Don’t miss it! We’ve been busy getting organized, and are excited to be hosting the first ever ArchCon, a conference for Arch Linux users. We’ve got some great talks lined up, catering is almost in place, and the schwag is nearly… Read More »