Server Outages

By | January 25, 2010

It’s not my fault! Yes, I did kill a few sites last week, and I did choose not to recover all of them. But the issue with several of my sites (,, being out all weekend was not my fault. That was caused by a MySQL upgrade on my shared webhost. The Python MySQL connector was unable to find the new library, and thus, all Python DB-driven sites on that host were hosed.
“Ok, so why didn’t you just fix it instead of leaving it out all weekend?” you ask.

I’d like to have a story like Judd, Aaron, or Dale used to use, “I was out camping/drinking/enjoying myself, and that was the weekend the server chose to go down.”

The sad truth is, I was stuck in the winter’s worst blizzard. While the weather dumped two feet of snow on us, drifted into 11 foot banks, my satellite internet connection was mostly down, and my power was off as much as it was on, all weekend. I wasn’t able to get a ssh session to last long enough to track down a fix for the issue.

storm 3

I apologize for the inconvenience, but there was nothing I could do but sit tight and wait the storm out.

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