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By | December 21, 2009

You might think things have been pretty quiet on the Arch Schwag front lately, but behind the scenes a lot has been happening. As always, I’m constantly looking for new concepts to place on t-shirts and other mechandise at the Zazzle Schwag Shop, so let me know what you’ve got!

In addition, I’ve finally reordered the very popular Arch Linux Case Badges. I don’t have them in stock yet, but any orders made now should be shipping in the new year.

More excitement: I have finally tracked down a supplier for laptop stickers featuring the “Powered by Arch Linux/Keep It Simple” logo. These have previously been available on round and bumper stickers from Zazzle that you have to cut out yourself, but there have been plenty of inquiries for “real laptop stickers.” They will be available very soon; I should be receiving them by the new year as well, and will try to put a preorder page up before Christmas.

Finally, there is one more new product coming available around New Year’s. I’ve ordered a batch of elegant Arch Linux pens that should, technically, have arrived by now! I guess mail is slow at this time of year. I don’t have any photos available yet, but they, too, will be available for preorder very soon.

I’d also like to add that the Arch Linux Handbook has sold more than 150 copies since I introduced it in October, and is continuing to average more than one book per day. This is so much more than I originally projected that I am thoroughly overwhelmed by this community’s support and generosity. Also, to all the people who have purchased the Handbook, if you find any errors in it, please submit corrections to the Beginner’s Guide in the wiki, from which it is derived.

2 thoughts on “Arch Schwag Updates

  1. Dean Clemmons

    A question about the schwag store. Do you have any plans to offer payment options other than Paypal? I had some items in the cart, but the only checkout option is Paypal. If there’s a way for me to purchase merchandise without using Paypal I’ll gladly do so, but I have issues with Paypal and won’t use it.

    1. dusty

      While I completely understand your issues with paypal, I don’t really have plans to accept other online forms of payment in general. However, if the money ends up in my hands, I will ship the items. You can send me a cheque or money order in the mail, arrange an interac e-mail money transfer from your financial institution, or pay me using AlertPay or a similar service.

      The best way to do this is first contact me via e-mail so I know the order is coming. Then make the order through the online service, click ‘pay with paypal,’ but don’t go through with the transaction once it gets there. Send me the total via an alternate means, and wait for your items to arrive. :-)


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