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By | November 17, 2009

I don’t like it when blog authors write a blog post and then later write a new related post and point an “update” link to the old post. So if this post looks familiar, it’s because I’ve revised to with some new data. It’s mostly chronological, so the newest info is at the end, but I’m not above editing my own content.

One of my missions in life is to meet as many Arch Linux developers as possible, and more than any other human being. I’m already well on my way, and was able to add to my list recently.

In the past, I’ve met Jason Chu, aka Xentac, one of the earlier adopters of Arch Linux, all round good guy, and most relevantly, the man currently holding the, “Tell Dusty he’s wrong,” record. We met up with Tobias Kieslich (neri) and Judd Vinet (yes, I met the founder!) for drinks and ramblings. That was several years ago. I’ve met Jason and Tobias a few more times since.

In November, 2008, I took a job with a Montreal company in November, which yielded an evening out with Eric Bélanger, more commonly referred to as (the fractal) Snowman.

This March, I had a terrific time at pycon including a (late) evening out with Simo Leone (Neotuli), Dan McGee (toofishes) and Aaron Griffin (the mighty phrakture), overlord of all that is Archly. To my knowledge, this was the first time four Arch devs were together in North America.

In May, I was able to spend a few hours with Kevin Piche. I was visiting Ottawa for PGCon, where I was a bit of an outsider, but Kevin and I were able to meet up for miscellaneous — sometimes Arch-related — discussions. Baked Brie and Poutine make terrific appetizers.

I left Toronto in July, 2009, but before leaving, I met up with Travis Willard (Cerebral), a retired Arch Linux developer. We watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Live Blog and were chased into his house by inclement weather when we tried to barbecue.

Now, I visited my sister in Victoria again last week, (November, 2009), and managed to convince Judd, Tobias, and Jason to join me for beers again. In addition, a little pressure on Thayer and Libby brought them over from Vancouver, and our party grew to a total of six.

This brings me to today. My sister is moving back to Saskatchewan now, with a long road trip down the US coast including a stop in Portland. I had the chance to meet the inimitable Eli(ott) Janssen, better known as Cactus. He quietly mentioned that he tried some poutine recently, though claims it isn’t as good as tacos.

So, counting my own reflection in the mirror, I’ve now been lucky enough to meet, in person, 13 Arch Linux contributors! I’m sure ArchCon will allow me to expand my pool. I want to add the few remaining North American developers (Dale, Don, Jeff, and Paul) to my list, then I’ll have to do an Australian tour to meet my favourite Aussies (you know who you are). Eventually a tour through Europe and South America will round out my collection. Then I’ll have to start all over, because so far I’ve met a bunch of terrific people who need to be seen more than once!

10 thoughts on “Arch Linux Developers IRL

  1. dusty

    I was only there a couple days, got there wednesday evening and came home friday… I did mean to look you up but I ran out of days!

  2. haxit

    Oh man! It would have been awesome to have met my first arch user irl 😛
    Well, I hope you come back some day, or I come over their.

    1. dusty

      Cactus’s reply is a bit odd because I removed defunct from an edited version of this post when I met him in person.

  3. Jacques

    As much as I love Canada, I really have no idea how you guys can eat (and appreciate!) poutine. it’s bad cheese on top of already really fat stuff. you have to run naked by -30C to burn all that fat afterwards!

  4. Allan

    It is well know that we “Aussies” are much more fun!


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