Another Published Book

By | November 17, 2009

After much success with the Arch Linux Handbook, I have helped successfully self-publish another book. This one is a work of fiction, written by my dad, and I’m proud to announce it to anyone interested in the Western genre. In fact, I’m proud to present it to anyone interested in books at all; it’s a terrific read with some innovative topics and presentation. And trainloads of action!

The summary for Preston Diamond in Way-cross is copied below. Buy a copy and enjoy your read! In addition, visit C. C. Phillips’s website for free online ebooks. Check back for his newest book, Watershed, in a few months, as well as audiobooks in the author’s voice.

Death doesn’t wait for Preston Diamond in Way-cross, it rides out to meet him. And when the “Presidents’ man” arrives in town, Death is not long in catching up.

Way-cross is the hub of an illicit finance and real estate game that has turned sour. High stakes and rampant lawlessness have attracted the attention of the Whitehouse; Diamond has been sent to investigate. Staying alive is a full time job for the emissary though he occasionally allows romantic diversions. Will the most beautiful lady Preston has ever seen be the one to capture his heart? Or will she put a bullet through it?

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