ArchCon 2010

By | November 3, 2009

With a bit of discussion and a quick one-click deploy of a wordpress CMS, ArchCon 2010 turned from a “maybe we should do this,” into a “Let’s do it and see what happens.”

That’s right, folks, A few of us (and hopefully you’ll join us, we need more organizers!) are planning an Arch Linux Conference. Details are sketchy at this time, but we have a website, a location (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), and a timeframe (July 2010). We’re working out the details, and if anybody else wants to help work out details, we need the help.

Right now, we need presenters. If you have any ideas for a topic you can present at ArchCon, please let us know. We have a Call For Proposals open, but that basically entails “send your ideas to me and we’ll probably let you present.” Good presentation topics are a key to ArchCon’s success, and I believe each and every one of us have at least one good talk in us. So what’s your talk?

Hope to see you at ArchCon 2010, both as an attendee and a presenter or tutorial leader. Help us get this off the ground!

2 thoughts on “ArchCon 2010

  1. pyther

    Will the conference be in English or French primarily?
    Also do you have a cheap place for me to crash?

  2. Dusty

    English, I expect, but if anyone wants to present in French, Spanish, or Bohemian, it’s up to them (I doubt the Bohemian would get much of an audience though). Toronto itself is primarily English, with Chinese likely being second.

    We don’t have lodgings sorted out yet, but we may have one or more of these for cheap sleeping:

    a) Crash at Ricardo’s or one of his friends or another Toronto local’s place
    b) There may be hostels near the venue
    c) We may be able to rent dorm space on a campus quite cheaply


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