Monthly Archives: November 2009

Another Published Book

After much success with the Arch Linux Handbook, I have helped successfully self-publish another book. This one is a work of fiction, written by my dad, and I’m proud to announce it to anyone interested in the Western genre. In fact, I’m proud to present it to anyone interested in books at all; it’s a… Read More »

Arch Linux Developers IRL

I don’t like it when blog authors write a blog post and then later write a new related post and point an “update” link to the old post. So if this post looks familiar, it’s because I’ve revised to with some new data. It’s mostly chronological, so the newest info is at the end, but… Read More »

ArchCon 2010

With a bit of discussion and a quick one-click deploy of a wordpress CMS, ArchCon 2010 turned from a “maybe we should do this,” into a “Let’s do it and see what happens.” That’s right, folks, A few of us (and hopefully you’ll join us, we need more organizers!) are planning an Arch Linux Conference.… Read More »

History Repeats Itself

Several years ago, I was honoured by an invite from Judd Vinet, Arch Linux Founder, to join the Arch Linux development team as Documentor. I did the job for a while, helped start and fill our first wiki, got bored, and resigned. I continued in the Arch Community doing notable activities like forum administration and… Read More »