A Tale Of Two Hobbies

By | September 10, 2009

In addition to my martial art and programming hobbies, I like to do a little woodworking. I first started when I was 12 and I’m 100% self-taught (my earliest works were horrendous pieces). This summer I started doing some designing to mix the Arch Linux logo into this hobby. I’ve come up with two designs that I think are elegant and saleable. So, natural born salesman that I am (caution: irony at work), I decided to add them to the Arch Linux Schwag Shop:

Arch Linux Wooden Coasters
Arch Linux Wooden Sculptures

In addition, by request, I’m in the process of designing a wood keychain.

Along with backpacks and jewellery, I think its safe to say Arch Linux has one of the most novel merchandise shops around.

5 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Hobbies

  1. neoxic

    It looks like the ‘add to cart’ button is broken for the wooden sculptures. I hit it and it just refreshes the screen, but nothing is added to the cart.

    1. dusty

      Thanks for the heads up, I made a mistake adding it to the shop database. I really need to be more careful about testing things after I deploy, but its been tough the past few weeks because every time I upload something the network goes out. I’m in talks with my network provider, anger management therapist, and personal assassin at the moment.


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