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By | September 1, 2009

There have been a few calls for print versions of the Arch Linux Beginner’s guide. If all goes well, there should be one available in October.

I’m exploring various self-publishing options, and have been working with Amazon CreateSpace to publish a couple of my father’s novels. Its easy to work with, so I converted the guide to book form, renamed it as the “Arch Linux Handbook”, created a cover, and submitted it to CreateSpace. They’ve authorized it for printing, so now I’m waiting for a proof to arrive. Once I’ve verified the look of it, it’ll be available on its own CreateSpace website or directly through I’ll link to it on Arch Schwag when its available.

I have to confess that I didn’t put a lot off effort into this project, its basically the most direct translation of web-to-print that I can manage. I’m sure it won’t make complete sense (eg: links that say “click here”), but it’ll be a handy thing to have on your desk… or give to all your friends that think Arch Linux is Too Hard. There may be a typo on the cover (I recently discovered that CreateSpace won’t let me edit the “A Simple Lightweight Linuk Handbook tagline I wrote on the amazon page… oops), or pagination errors. Oh well, there’s always the option of doing a second edition!Arch Linux Handbook Cover

One thought on “Arch Linux Handbook

  1. tracer

    I had never heard of CreateSpace before, although I really haven’t been looking, but that sounds pretty cool. It’d be nice if you posted a follow up on your experience with CS and maybe some tips on how you went about getting it ready for publishing.

    I’ll keep an eye on this. Even though I really don’t need this book, I’ll probably pick one up to do some proof reading and post suggestions. It may even be a good idea to set up a site/page/wiki for others to contribute to the book and expand upon it so by the time the second edition rolls around it’ll be a pretty decent primer for beginners and experienced users.

    As a final note, not to tell you how to do your job, but it may not be a bad idea to set up some pre-orders so you could order a bunch of author copies and then turn around and ship them yourself. That way you could save on the 20-40% royalty fees. However, I’ve never done anything like this myself so maybe the 20-40% royalty fees are quite the bargin so you don’t have to process the orders yourself.

    Either way, I like the idea.


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