Monthly Archives: September 2009

A Tale Of Two Hobbies

In addition to my martial art and programming hobbies, I like to do a little woodworking. I first started when I was 12 and I’m 100% self-taught (my earliest works were horrendous pieces). This summer I started doing some designing to mix the Arch Linux logo into this hobby. I’ve come up with two designs… Read More »

Introducing Arch Bounty

For several years, I’ve had a project bouncing around in the back of my mind that would allow users to donate money to have specific Arch Linux related tasks accomplished. Other users could accept these ‘bounties,’ do the work, and receive the donations. I decided this fall that it was time to implement it. I’ve… Read More »

Arch Linux Handbook

There have been a few calls for print versions of the Arch Linux Beginner’s guide. If all goes well, there should be one available in October. I’m exploring various self-publishing options, and have been working with Amazon CreateSpace to publish a couple of my father’s novels. Its easy to work with, so I converted the… Read More »