Introducing Opterator

By | May 20, 2009

When I attended Pycon 2009, I saw a lightning talk on a neat little tool called Argparse. Its a python option parsing tool designed to be easier to use than optparse.

In the first few seconds of the talk, I thought to myself “I know where this is going. It’s brilliant.” I said so to the guy next to me. Then I took it back because while argparse is a pretty cool idea, its not the brilliant idea I thought it was.

See, I thought the tool would automatically introspect a script’s main method and use the docstring to provide any missing information. That’s what I thought would be brilliant.

Since it didn’t do that, I did it. Its certainly not full-featured yet, but it works for basic options and arguments. For 90% of scripts, that’s all you need. I called it opterator and put it on github:

git clone git://

Here’s an example:

Obviously, that only parses the options, its not doing the actual copying because implementing that would do nothing to illustrate how opterator is working. Here’s one run of it:

Here’s the automatically generated help:

I named it opterator because I wanted a name that didn’t have ‘parse’ in it. I was going to go for operator but I realized if you heard about this app called operator and searched google for ‘python operator’ you’d get swamped. ‘opterator’ is unique and highlights the option part of the task. Plus it allowed me to invent a new verb: ‘opterate’. Days when I get to invent new verbs are always good days.

I used py.test for testing (another gem I discovered at pycon). You don’t need to run the tests, but the tests are useful examples to see what opterator can do, so have a look.

So I hope somebody finds this useful or even awesome and contributes some patches to make it more of the above. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Opterator

  1. dusty

    At Jeff Ramnani’s suggestion, I’ve created a setuptools script and pushed a release to pypi. Let’s see if it breaks in the real world. 😉


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