Looking for a new role

I haven’t given this blog much — ok, I’ll be honest: ANY — attention lately. I’m hoping that will change in the new year, with a new job that gives me both more time and more ideas for interesting technical articles. What is that new job going to be? You tell me! I’m looking to… Read More »

Alternatives to Single Function Classes

In Stop Writing Classes, a talk every Python engineer should watch, Jack Diederich tells us to avoid classes that have a single method, such as:

Jack suggests, rightly, that you can just define and call a function like this:

Sometimes, however, your function needs to accept a specific set of arguments. For example,… Read More »

Why I work on backends and infrastructure

People are often startled to discover that I specialized in Human Computer Interaction for my master’s degree. They invariably ask me why I work in infrastructure. The truth is, I’ve worked on backend systems and infrastructure ever since I graduated. The full-stack development I’ve done in the past did involve some user interface and user… Read More »

Closing down Arch Linux Schwag

You may have noticed the reduced availability of merchandise at http://schwag.archlinux.ca/. I am sad to say that I will be closing the site at the end of this month. It has become too much hassle to get the shipments together, deal with the cost of Canadian shipping, and, most especially, the taxes and accounting. I’m… Read More »

Migrated Blog

Due to database issues, I’ve migrated my blog from http://archlinux.me/dusty to my personal domain which has been sitting empty for many years: http://buchuki.com/ My posts are going to continue to be infrequent for a while, but I do intend to pick up on blogging in the latter half of next year. In the meantime, you… Read More »

Python 3 Object-oriented Programming Second Edition

One of several reasons this blog has been so quiet this year is the time I’ve invested in the second edition of my first book. I am extremely proud of the end result. The first edition of Python 3 Object Oriented Programming was great and garnered 30 five star reviews on Amazon. This edition is… Read More »

Opterator 0.5 Supports Function Annotations

Opterator is a decorator to make quick and clean command line interfaces for scripts. It’s not designed to compete with argparse or click. Instead it supports that common usecase where you’re writing a reusable script and don’t want to write all the bits required for argument parsing, but also don’t want to use the maligned… Read More »

Creating Apps In Kivy: The Book

I apologize for my near-silence over the past few months. I’ve packed house and moved twice in that time, started a new job, and, relevant to this post, written a book. My Creating an application in Kivy blog series has been by far the most popular set of posts on this blog. It garners about… Read More »

Have you ever been afraid to get out of bed?

In my past writings about mental health, I’ve mostly discussed depression and suicide. I’ve been meaning to add ‘anxiety’ to that list of topics, but have been waiting until I could write about it from the first person. One of the peculiar things about my personal struggles with mental illness is that when I’m feeling… Read More »

I’m Not Selling Out The Gittip Dream

A couple weeks ago, I signed a contract with O’Reilly to publish a book inspired by my extremely popular Creating An Application In Kivy blog series. On Monday, I start work at Facebook, a full-time salaried position that includes a substantial raise over my last position. Signing these two contracts, two very traditional ways of… Read More »